Customize Your Android

Mulaah knows that your style matters. Customize your phone with unique Mulaah backgrounds, themes, icons to make your phone feel like you. 

Increase Organization & Power

Tired of having to find your apps between pages? Mulaah organizes your apps into simple to use buckets to make accessing your favorite apps even easier.

Get Paid To Use Your Phone

Mulaah PAYS YOU to use simply use your phone. Need a little extra? Mulaah provides surveys, offer and apps that also pay you in real time.


Mulaah Mobile provides the the first complete Mobile Systems for your Android phone. After download and installation, each Mulaah System Comes With:

  • Custom Pre-Included Applications
  • Tools
  • Games
  • Wallpapers, Themes & Icons
  • Much More..

A Deeper Dive


See Ads and Get Paid

Every time that you see an ad, Mulaah Pays you in real-time. We make Mulaah, You Make Mulaah! 

Get Paid From Your Home Screen And Lockscreen

Mulaah has made a lock screen and home screen that both pay you Mulaah! 

Keep Your Apps & Phone Settings

Mulaah updates your launcher and lock screen. All of your apps and phones features stay the same. 

Earn Mulaah Rewards

Mulaah makes it simple to use your Mulaah to get the things that you actually care about like PayPal cash, phone service, and much more.

Earn Extra Mulaah With Surveys and Offers

Need a little More Mulaah? Simply take Mulaah surveys and complete Mulaah offers to make as much Mulaah as you want.

Coming Soon

Pay Your Phone Bill with Mulaah, Mulaah Transfers, Mulaah Apps & Games and much more.


With consumers spending more and more time on their mobile devices, mobile advertising has become one of the most effective means of advertising today. Mulaah allows our advertisers to target their perfect audience and get guaranteed engagement with their mobile ads like never before.