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What is Mulaah?

Mulaah is a downloadable mobile home-screen & wallet app that rewards you for using your Android phone.

How Does Mulaah Pay Me?

Mulaah gets paid to show you relevant ads inside of our custom home screens. Instead of keeping it all, Mulaah rewards you in Mulaah (M!) for each ad you see?

How Much Can I Make?

It is up to you. Mulaah has surveys and offers inside of each wallet that also pays you. Spend your free time making extra Mulaah (M!).

Spend in the Mulaah Store

Mulaah is the future of cryptocurrency.

The Mulaah (M!) cryptocurrency earned from using your phone can be spent inside of the Mulaah Store. Inside the Mulaah Store, you can buy Amazon Gift Codes to make any purchase on Amazon or pay your Pre-Paid phone bill. You can even donate your Mulaah (M!) to one of our non-profit partners.

  • How ?
  • Download & Register for Mulaah
  • Use your phone as normal and earn Mulaah (M!)
  • Spend your Mulaah (M!) in the Mulaah Store

A little short? Don't worry, you can even buy extra Mulaah (M!) when you need it!


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Learn more about Mulaah and what makes it unique.

System Benefits?

System Benefits

  • A Better Business Model

    In each theme, we include useful ads. For each ad that you see, you are rewarded with Mulaah (M!) in real time.

  • Reduce Your Pre-paid Bill

    Mulaah makes it simple to reload your pre-paid phone with Mulaah (M!) earned inside the system.

  • Maintain Privacy

    Mulaah cannot see your private message, calls, or any other other private apps on your phone.

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  • Extra Surveys & Offers

    Need more Mulaah? Simply take Mulaah surveys and offers to make even more Mulaah (M!).

  • Mulaah is Transparent

    Mulaah has built a unique blockchain that allows Mulaah users to audit all encrypted transactions. (releasing in 2019)

  • Valuable Rewards

    Use your Mulaah (M!) to get the things that you actually want like Amazon Gift Codes, Pre-paid Phone Reloads and more.

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7,800,000 +

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work? Why hasn't anyone done it yet?

Yes Mulaah works. It is hard to keep track of every ad and always give you the proper cut in a home screen. Though it may seem simple, it took over 2 years to make Mulaah and we are working daily to improve.

How much will I make?

That is up to you. From basic phone use you can expect to make a few thousand Mulaah (M!) weekly. However, if you take surveys and offers, you can make much more.

Why am I not always seeing ads?

Though we send request to show you relevant ads every 15-30 seconds, our ad partners are not always able to serve you ads immediately. The more request we send to them, the easier it is to serve you more relavent ads. So get your friends to join too.

Can Mulaah see my private information?

Mulaah can only see the information that you provide to us. We DO NOT monitor your messages, phone calls or view any private information in any of your phone apps. We simply change the way it looks.

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Want to Join the Mulaah Family?

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Use your Mulaah username as your invite code and signup at least 250 active users monthly to get a percentage of what Mulaah is paid from advertisers monthly on each phone.

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Field Researchers:

Work in teams in designated areas around the world talking to potential new Mulaah. You will collect information on what products Mulaah should sell and how to make the the system better.

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