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Mulaah Field Researchers

Apply to become a Mulaah Field Researcher

Mulaah Field Researchers are essential to the Mulaah ecosystem. Mulaah Field Researchers talk to potential Mulaah customers and ask them questions to determine how well our product fits with their desires.

It is expected that Mulaah Field Researchers find areas with large amounts of Android mobile phone users to conduct surveys and get new Mulaah users.

Each Mulaah Field Researcher will be provided with a Mulaah Field Researcher Kit, that consists of an unsealed and postmarked envelope with 100 surveys to be filled out as the Mulaah Field Researcher signs up each new user, pens, a clipboard, flyers and a certification sticker.

Mulaah Field Researchers will be paid $2 per download with their invite code and completed survey. Each Mulaah Field Researcher MUST RETURN THE FOLLOWING TO BE CREDITED FOR A USER.

  • Completed & Sign All Required Forms (found below)
  • Return By Mail the Completed Surveys in the Postmarked Package
  • Post at least 25 pictures of yourself talking with the Mulaah customer and tag #mulaahmobile
  • Have 100 user registrations that correspond with the surveys returned

To Apply, fill out both of the Forms Below with Valid Infomtion. If you are a fit for a our team, a Mulaah Representative will contact with the next steps.

Fill Out the Forms Below to apply!



Thank You For Your Interest in Mulaah!