Making money with your phone has never been this simple!

How It Works

Mulaah is a collection of unique Android Based Systems that pay users as they use their phone. Advertisers display ads throughout the systems and the revenue is shared with the user through Mulaah Points. These points can be spent in a variety of places inside of the Mulaah system.

When you are ready to convert your Mulaah into dollars, you can simply “Cash Out”. This is where we send the money directly to your confirmed PayPal account. The amount that you will receive is based off of the rate that we receive from the advertisers which is shown to you inside the Dashboard. That’s it! The money will arrive in your PayPal in 3-7 business days.

Mobile Systems

Each version of Mulaah comes standard with multiple advertising placements throughout. As each user uses their phone, targeted ads will consistently appear. Each advertisement that is seen will earn the user points. Once the right amount of points has been accumulated, those points can be converted, shared or used inside the system.The Mulaah Mobile Systems come in a variety of designs to fit your needs. Below are some of the systems that we currently have available.


Mulaah Protect:

Mulaah Protect is a custom version of Mulaah that comes with built in tools and apps to help our users improve the security of their mobile device. Some of the features of the tools and apps found inside of Mulaah Protect include:
● Wire-tap detection
● Secure hidden folders
● The ability to change app icons and names
● Additional app security for all apps
● Multiple secure numbers on one phone
● Secure sms and video chat
● Much more.


Mulaah Rise:

Mulaah Rise is a custom version of Mulaah that comes with built in tools and apps to help our users improve their current economic situation with the least amount of effort. Some of the feature of the tools and apps found inside of Mulaah Rise include:
● Helping users get paid for old clothes
● Taking pictures of receipts
● Surfing the web
● Selling old electronics
● Shopping
● Playing scratch offs
● Much more


Mulaah General:

Mulaah General is our standard version of Mulaah that comes with our core features to allow users to simply make money off of sponsored content in their phone.


To help you make the maximum amount off of your mobile device, we have added surveys and offers from our survey partners into the Mulaah Dashboard. Each user can take the surveys at any time and will make Mulaah in real time as each each survey and offer is completed.